CodiumAI supports Python, JS, and TS, and can tackle big and complicated code. It generates non-trivial tests (and trivial, too!) that help you understand how your code behaves and find edge cases and suspicious behaviors. It also provides explanations of the tests generated, so you can avoid false positives and improve your code’s functionality.

CodiumAI is free for individual developers and offers flexible deployments and self-hosting options for enterprises. You can get CodiumAI by subscribing on their website or by installing their extension for your favorite IDE.

Generates meaningful tests that help you understand how your code behaves

Finds edge casesand suspicious behaviors

Empowers you to write code that functions the way you meant it

Beyond code completion and generation tools, TestGPT helps you improve your code’s integrity

CodiumAI supports Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript in VScode & JetBrains IDEs. They will support Java soon.

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