Creative Intell Academy

Creative Intell Academy

Creative Intell is building a suite of business and educational tools for the freelancer and creator economies. Their focus is on modernizing transactions for this sector by providing the necessary business products, platforms, and contextual educational products that they need to succeed. Their first product is Creative Intell Academy, a creator and music business training solution that offers an affordable, subscription-based platform for creators, artists, producers, lawyers,managers, and executives. Creative Intell Academy delivers engaging, up-to-date, clause-by-clause analysis of current music industry deals and deal points, as well as providing access to “The Intells,” an animated video series that explains the complexities of the music industry through simple visualizations anyone can understand. Creative Intell’s founders are David Fritz, a partner in the top entertainment and media law firm Boyarski Fritz LLP, and Steven Ship, former CEO of King Biscuit Entertainment Group and artist manager.

Legal Language Demystified: Our contract-specific courses break down current industry agreements clause-by-clause and translates everything into plain English. You no longer need to have a law degree to understand your contracts.

Industry Math Decoded: We simplify industry-specific formulas so you can easily understand and collect what you’re owed. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to getting what you deserve.

It Takes a Team: Each Creative Intell Academy course was built by an expansive team of practicing entertainment lawyers, subject matter experts, musicians, writers, educational designers, graphic artists, and animators.

Content Guarantee: Trust us to deliver only the most accurate and current information. If you’re not satisfied with your education, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Start learning today!

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