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Recently on Flexclip, they throw out a Back To School Sale with 40% discount for all plan. You can try it first before decide to purchase it.
But first, let me introduce a little bit about Flexclip. Flexclip is an AI Video Generator tools, that capable of using AI to generate video within a second, apart from that features, it also provides many more options for user to tweak generated video with simple action. Does it really as good as people say?
Even thought I don’t have many experience in this fields but let us go through it and try all these features provided by Flexclip. So I hope after this post you may have some idea, and decide to use it or not.

Flexclip Free Back To School Sale

Before going any further let me introduce you about current campaign of Flexclip.
Below is the old plan of Flexclip.

Flexclip pricing
Flexclip pricing

With this Back To School Sale campaign, flexclip will reduces 40% for all the subscription plan.
Which mean for the Plus plan you can only need to pay ~69$ and you can use it for one year.
Additionally, Flexclip will give you free bonus: 700 AI credits for users who purchase during the Back to School period and contact [email protected] with their order.
Duration: Now through September 30th
So what are you waiting for, let click on the link below and start your journey with Flexclip

Create Video With Flexclip AI Video Generator

Flexclip Video Generator Introduce
Flexclip Video Generator Introduce

Flexclip capable of generate video using AI to transform the text to video, and also capable of generate an article to Video. Let check out each features to fully understand the capabilities of Flexclip.

AI Text To Video

First let try out with Flexclip AI Text To Video, in the prompt I wrote the instruction like this:
‘A cat goes around his neighborhood. Then he plays with bird then a butterfly, around noon he comes back to his house then curls around his old master’

AI Video Generator Result
Flexclip Result

Flexclip generate a scratch review video for you, on this particular screen, user can add more text or image to suit with user need. As you can see, it always use real image or real short clip then combines to each other to generate video. But, as a fan of animation and various unrealistic video, this doesn’t suit my preference.

It’s better to generate video for commercial or marketing purpose as it will make it fast, with little tweak require. The only thing you need to consider is the description and the image should match with each other.

You can see the below prompt for more references:

‘Make a promo video for the company offering social media marketing services’

Result 2
Flexclip Result

In this final result generated by Flexclip, we can clearly see the different between the previous prompt. The content and the image is match, and clearly delivery the message throughout the video. Incase you want to edit/change/add the image or text, you can simply click on the desire frame then Flexclip will provide you various image.
Comparing with the old way, where you have to goes everywhere then collect the video then merge them to have final video, Flexclip is flexible and resourceful, give you various option to create video.

In case, you want to add music/ your own personal audio, Flexclip allows you to upload or use their large library without any charge.

Article to Video

So what about this features, this one is pretty simple. The only thing you need to do is paste the link of the article that you want to transform to video. Flexclip will analyze then picks the sentence in the article to transform it to Video.

In case you want to add more details to your video, the only thing you need is click on the sentence then Flexclip will auto add the image/short video for that part for the video.

Create Image With Flexclip AI Image Generator

Then what about Flexclip AI Image Generator, what can it do.
For this section I will only create animated image, please bear with it, as I am a fan of Anime 😀

So I tried with this prompt: ‘Atop a windswept mountain peak, a breathtaking woman stood silhouetted against the vibrant sunset, her flowing hair whipped by the gusts. In her outstretched hands, she held aloft a gleaming sword, its blade catching the last rays of light. Far below, a vast army of hardened warriors stood in disciplined ranks, their armor glinting ominously. An aura of anticipation and danger hung heavy in the air, as if the very mountain itself held its breath.

The result is quite nice, from my point of view, the Flexclip capable of generate anime image without any trouble. At a glance, the image seems like there are no trouble at all, but if you take a closer look, you can see the hand of the girl is really weird…..
Additionally, if you use the same prompt then choose different style provided by Flexclip, you will become speechless :)). I will drop some of the sample below for you to take a look, I won’t leave any comment on that :D. As AI just blooming in the recent year, so they need quite large amount of data to complete (note: I used Digital painting model – Creative model)

Additional Features

So what can we do other than generate image and video?
In the Image section, we can use the background removerFilter the image by using the given template or customize by yourself.

As Flexclip is specialize in Video creation, it support more on this:

  • Record Voice: Incase you want to record your personal voice in to insert into the video
  • AI Subtitles: Auto subtitles for your video (video must have sound)
  • AI Text to Speech: This feature is crucial because the generated videos from Flexclip currently lack any narrative audio, which is essential for engaging storytelling.
  • Audio: Allow you to add more background sound to your current video, you can either upload you own video then add to video or can use pre made audio made by Flexclip
  • Add Image or short Video Premade by Flexclip

And various other options inside each features, you can access to Flexclip to discover more.


Well for limitation you can see the below image, for Flexclip free plan it has the below limitation.
If you are planning to create more than 5 video per months, this is not an idea option for you.
You might consider to use other plan provided by Flexclip other than free to have more option.

Flexclip Free Quotas
Flexclip Free Quotas

Apart from this, from my point of view, Flexclip is still lacking. Although it has quite nice, and large amount of library for us to create a video. But the Video Generator is not satisfy from my point of view.


In short, FlexClip is a great tool for making videos, even if you’re not a pro. It has large amount of template, library for us to choose while creating video/image. With outstanding features such as: Back ground Remover – AI Image Generator and easy to edit your video/image with in just a second. The only downside is that the videos it makes don’t have any talking, so you’ll have to add that yourself. But overall, FlexClip is easy to use and has everything you need to make cool videos, as long as you’re okay with adding the voiceover later.
There are also some part that need to improve like the quality of the image/video after generate, while the AI features are helpful, they could be further refined. For example, better automatic video pacing or more nuanced text-to-video generation would be welcome additions.
Also, While FlexClip has the basics covered, adding more sophisticated editing tools (like motion tracking, keyframe animation, etc.) would appeal to more experienced users.

Note: Don’t miss out the Flexclip Back To School Sale if you are interest after the post 😀. This Flexclip Back To School Sale Up to 40%.


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