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AI is integrated into many aspects of our daily lives, from AI art generators and text to image AI to chatbots, but How to use it in daily life is a difficult question for novice users and seasoned content creators alike. Its incorporation into various sectors underscores its significance, making an understanding of its foundation and applications paramount.

In this article, we’ll explore some popular AI features like AI generated video and best AI video generators and how they are revolutionizing productivity across various industries. Through this article will, we give you an overview about AI technology, in a dummy way even a kid can understand.

General Idea about Artifact Intelligent (AI)

AI Daily life

What is AI?

Artifact Intelligent or AI in short like a human but have a larger memory and capable of learning new thing. As you know, we human have limited capabilities of learning and memorize thing. Unlike us, who can only remember so much, AI can remember almost anything and keep getting smarter. All that knowledge is stored in a giant digital space (like a super-sized computer brain).
For everyday AI users, this fundamental understanding is all you really need to know.

Types of AI

AI systems are often categorized based on their capabilities and functionalities, which can be broadly classified into three types:

  • Narrow AI (Weak AI): This type of AI is designed to perform a specific task or set of tasks, like playing chess, recognizing faces, or translating languages. They excel in their specific domain but lack the ability to generalize to other tasks.
  • General AI (Strong AI): Also known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), this is a hypothetical type of AI that possesses human-level intelligence and can perform any intellectual task that a human can. AGI remains a theoretical concept and has not yet been achieved.
  • Superintelligent AI: This type of AI surpasses human intelligence in every aspect, including problem-solving, creativity, and social skills. It’s a futuristic concept with potential implications that are still being explored.

From the list above you can clearly see the different between the AI. For starter of AI user, we only need to focus on the Narrow AI. This AI has everything we need to help us in our daily life. Some of the task that Narrow AI can do: AI Chat botsAI Image GeneratorsAI Video Generators.

What AI Options Should We Use?

AI Video/ Image Generators Chatbots

f you are already an AI user, you should already know about some popular AI like ChatGPT or Gemini. These conversational AI tools are great for generating text and answering questions. AI appears everywhere in our daily life.

However, the AI landscape has expanded to include revolutionary AI art generators, text to image AI, and AI generated video tools. These AI video generators empower content creators to produce visuals quickly, even without any experience. While the output might not always be perfect, it’s a game-changer for efficiency. I will introduce about these capabilities so that you can grasp the AI tools in your hand.

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots, is one of the most popular features right now. With million of user per day, this become one of the most helpful tools available right now. AI Chatbots like GPT or Gemini able to understand and respond to human inquiries with a high degree of accuracy and personalization. But it come with a limitation, incase the question or request you pose to AI doesn’t have enough information , the respond is incorrect according to your request.

AI Image Generators

Imagine having a magic paintbrush that can bring your wildest ideas to life. That’s what AI image generators do! These clever computer programs use artificial intelligence to create pictures from your words. Just describe what you want to see, and they can whip up a picture of it in seconds! So, even if you don’t know how to draw or paint, you can still create amazing pictures with AI image generators. It’s like having a personal artist right inside your computer!
Note: These AI tools by default always has editor available.

AI Video Generator

Think of AI video generators like having a super talented video editor who never gets tired or needs a break. They can whip up amazing videos in no time, even if you don’t know the first thing about cameras or editing software. Just tell the AI what you want to see in your video, like a funny dog doing tricks or a recipe for your favorite cake. You can even give it some pictures or a simple script, and it will work its magic.

10 Useful Tips To Maximize AI Capabilities

AI Tips to Maximize Image/ Video Generators

To effectively leverage AI technology, you must consider practical strategies that enhance the utility and accuracy of AI tools. This section provides actionable tips on creating effective prompts, maximizing model accuracy, and integrating AI tools with existing workflows to optimize their use. Below is the list and tips trick to maximize AI in your daily life.

AI Chatbots doesn’t like negative keywords

It works best when you give it clear, positive instructions. It’s like telling a friend, “Please do this for me,” instead of “Don’t do that.”

Re phase your request 2 – 3 times for perfect result

Let’s say you get a piece of writing – it could be a customer review, some text for a website, or even a rough draft of something. The main idea is good, but the way it’s written isn’t great.

Assign a role to AI

Imagine AI Chatbots is like an actor. It can play any role you want. The more specific you are about the role you want chatbot to play, the better it will perform.

Use Reference Images

By giving the AI image generator a reference, you’re helping it understand your vision better, so it can create an image that’s closer to what you have in mind.

Iterate and Refine:

The first image they create might not be exactly what you want. But that’s okay! You can look at it, see what you like and don’t like, and then give the AI more instructions to make it better.

Craft Detailed Prompts

The more details you provide in your prompt, the better the results you’ll get. Be as specific as possible about the subject, the style you want (like cartoon or realistic), the colors, the lighting, and anything else that’s important to you.

Experiment with Different AI Models

Explore different AI video generators to find one that suits your needs and preferences. Each platform may have unique features and capabilities, so try a few options to find the best fit.

Leverage Text-to-Speech and Voiceover Capabilities

AI can generate voiceovers for your videos, saving you time and resources. Experiment with different voices and accents to find the perfect fit for your content.

Optimize for Different Platforms

Consider the platform where you will be sharing your video. Different platforms have different aspect ratios and recommended lengths. Adjust your video accordingly to optimize its performance.

By following these practical tips, users can enhance their proficiency in using AI tools, leading to more effective and efficient outcomes in various applications, from daily tasks to complex business operations.


daily life Conclusion

We’ve learned that AI is everywhere in our lives, doing things like powering chatbots, making videos, and creating pictures. This technology isn’t just about fancy tricks; it’s about making our lives easier and more creative. AI helps us get things done faster, come up with new ideas, and make better choices at work and home.

As we use AI more and more, it will change how we live and interact with the digital world. Remember, this is just the start! There’s still a lot to learn about AI and how it can benefit us. By trying out different AI tools and learning about how they work, we can unlock their full potential and shape a future where AI and humans work hand-in-hand.


Example AI Chatbot you can use: Koala Writer– ChatGpt – Gemini – StealthwriterWordvice

Some AI Image Generators: LeonardoPikzelsStabilityOpenArtBgRemNeural Love

Some AI Video Generators: HitPawCreatifyInVideoFlexclipColossyanSynthesiaDeepBrainKapwingFliki

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