Hydra by Rightsify

Hydra by Rightsify

Hydra by Rightsify enables businesses, creators and artists to create high quality music at scale with text prompts, regardless of musical knowledge or background. Trained on a 60k track subset of Rightsify’s expansive library, Hydra output is eligible for commercial use – from videos to films, gaming, tv, album releases and more.

Extensive Training: Built on a dataset of 60k songs, featuring over 300 unique musical instruments. Utilizing Nvidia A100 GPUs for unparalleled performance.

Instrumentals Only: Currently focusing on instrumental music, no vocals or deep fakes. Just pure music

Customization: Generate music from 10 seconds to 2 minutes in length.

Versatility: Create sound effects like white noise, binaural beats, rain, and ocean sounds.

For Artists: Generate custom samples and loops, serving as an inspiration and efficiency tool.

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