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FirstDay 04

After took some time to test the Leonardo Artifact Intelligent’s free trial (no paid subscription needed!) and it’s seriously impressive. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through how to write effective prompts to get the most out of Leonardo AI. This prompts guide will not only provide you with more information on how to use the tool but also make it easier for you to navigate through it. Also please bear with it, because I will drop some of my though about the tools :D.

Create Leonardo Account

Before going to make anything on Leonardo AI Free, make sure you have an account to start generating images. I recommend using your Google account for the quickest and easiest setup. If you already have an account, feel free to skip this section and move on to Introduce About Leonardo Interface section.
For user who doesn’t want to use the Google account or Microsoft, you can directly sign up from this page: Sign Up

Signup Leonardo AI

Just type your existed email, and password, then the tools will automatically send a verification email to your email, then from there you just need to click through the link and you are good to go.

Introduce About Leonardo Interface

After you login from the portal you will directly navigate to this page.

From the left hand side you will see all the features of Leonardo, you can also see it in the middle of the page. Just choose which ever you like, but in this post, I will choose the AI Image Generation.

Generate/ Edit Image With Leonardo AI

Create Your First Image

You’ll see the prompts section on the Leonardo AI page, where you can type in your idea. As you can see in the image, I tried to generate an image of a girl playing volleyball with her friends on the beach, so I wrote this prompt: ‘A beautiful girl standing on the beach playing volleyball with her friends.‘ The result is quite nice; the girl looks like a main character from an anime.

Improve Prompt Button
Improve Prompt Button

Leonardo AI Guide Prompts

If you want to improve your prompts, you can also click on the button with 3 stars then choose the options: Improve Prompts. Leonardo AI will automatically tweak and add more details to your text. It change to this:

A radiant, sun-kissed beach beauty, her laughter echoing along the shore as she gracefully spikes the ball over the net in a spirited game of beach volleyball with her friends. This enchanting scene is captured in a vibrant and dynamic photograph, showcasing her flowing golden hair, turquoise swimsuit shimmering in the sunlight, and athletic physique glistening with sweat. The image exudes a sense of carefree joy and camaraderie, set against the backdrop of a picturesque seascape.

And the result is pretty satisfy:

Leonardo AI Improve Prompts Free
AI Improves Prompts

The Free AI of Leonardo automatically add more details to more current prompts. So as you can see the Leonardo AI is pretty powerful but, it has some limitation, if you want to give more details to it, like surpass 200 characters, It cannot improve it. Because of the tools limitation, AI can’t improve it. So you need to keep that in mind.
But if you describe your general idea then use Chat GPT or Gemini to correct it, add more details to your prompts, you can have a great result:

‘Under the scorching sun, two beautiful Asian girls locked in an intense game of beach volleyball, their bodies glistening with sweat. Sand flew as they lunged and dived, their eyes fixed on the ball as they battled for the final point. The air crackled with tension, the only sound the rhythmic thud of the volleyball and their ragged breaths. Every muscle strained, every move calculated, as they pushed themselves to the limit in this thrilling showdown.’


Tweak your output

For the latest part, I hope after using the ChatGpt or Gemini you will have a great prompts. But you can also tweak your image with some features that Leonardo provide such as:

  • Add Motion to your image with Image2Motion this action will cost 25 credits
  • Upscale your image with Universal Upscaler this cost 30 credits
  • Or you can even remove the back ground from your image with Background Remover this cost 2 credits. But this one is still need improvement, you can see the image that I have tried this option, this look horrible or because I am using free trial :D.

Limitation about what you can generate

And lastly we come to final part, in this part I will state some limitation of Leonardo.
From the last section you could clearly see that Leonardo is not good with background remover, it basically remove almost everything of my image, I cannot see the girl or the dragon anymore.

Additionally, it also can’t generate image which breach the below limitation:

FirstDay 03

Last but not least, you can see the image below and you will decide yourself

Maybe, because I am using Leonardo AI Free trial, so we can see such image :D.


In short, Leonardo AI is a powerful tool that allows you to generate images with a single prompt. It’s capable of understanding human language and transforming it into beautiful images. I’m particularly impressed with how the tool generates anime-style characters. They look almost like they were created by a popular artist who invested significant time and effort. While I haven’t explored all of its features yet, I’m still amazed by what AI can achieve. With enough data and continuous development, AI has the potential to revolutionize our lives.

However, it’s important to note that AI still has some flaws at this stage. We need to better understand it, learn how to control it, and use it responsibly.

This is the end of Leonardo AI Prompts Guide.
For more details you can visit the main page for more information


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