Mason’s AI shopping engine helps you sell more through personalized customer journeys and omnichannel playbooks tailored to drive higher revenue and increase margins on sales.

With strong generative capabilities and AI-powered pricing & upsell models +more, Mason makes end-to-end real-time shopping a reality for global brands. Its predictive model helps understand shopper behavior and engagement patterns across today’s complex buying funnel –

✅ Engaging shoppers with cool fit-finders and deal hunters

✅ Knowing exactly what shoppers want, like, and need—and precisely when they want it

✅ Boosting sales with real-time personalized drops across different channels

Backed by marquee VCs like Accel & Lightspeed + raising $7.5Mn in seed just last year, today my team and I are powering more than 1000+ global customers to build profitable businesses.

Revenue OS

Engagement OS

Store OS

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