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StarterStory, founded by Pat Walls in 2017, is an innovative platform chronicling success stories of business founders. It boasts over 4,400 case studies and a wide array of entrepreneurial topics.


  • Valuable Resource: Starter Story serves as a pivotal resource for entrepreneurs at every level, offering a wealth of articles, interviews, and case studies to empower individuals to turn their business knowledge into tangible results.
  • Rich Features: The platform provides in-depth case studies, a resource hub filled with startup data and over 9,000 business ideas, strong community reach, and unique insights provided by the founder, Pat Walls.
  • Pricing Model: Starter Story offers three main subscription plans catering to different levels of engagement and learning needs, ranging from $17 to $100 per month.

Main Features of StarterStory

In-Depth Case Studies

  • Detailed explorations of various business models and strategies.

Resource Hub

  • Access to a newsletter filled with startup data and over 9,000 business ideas.

Community and Reach

  • Strong community with a social media presence of over 240,000 and 33+ million monthly website visitors.

Founder’s Journey

  • Pat Walls, a serial entrepreneur, provides unique insights and experiences to the audience.

Pricing plan of StarterStory

Pricing plan 1
Pricing plan 1

Starter Story’s subscription models are designed to cater to different levels of engagement and learning needs:

  • Explore Plan: Monthly cost of $17, providing access to 4346+ case studies with search and filter capabilities.
  • Starter Plan: Monthly cost of $29, including everything in the Explore plan, plus access to 8571+ business ideas, 200+ growth playbooks, and over $50,000 in deals on tools.
  • Founder Plan: Monthly cost of $100, offering additional benefits like 1 on 1 mentorship, a spot in the Campfire 5-week accelerator, and the Lean SEO course.


Starter Story’s rich repository of case studies, in-depth analyses, and business ideas underscores its utility in empowering founders to make informed decisions and shape their success stories. The platform’s subscription models tailor resources to meet the varied needs of its diverse user base, making it a standout resource in the entrepreneurial space.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, exploring Starter Story’s array of resources could become the catalyst for their next groundbreaking venture.

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