BrandBastion Lite

BrandBastion Lite

BrandBastion Lite helps to manage social media conversations swiftly in one place so you can say goodbye to endless hours spent monitoring, moderating, and replying. Our AI-powered platform simplifies social media management by analyzing sentiment, detecting spam and hate speech, and identifying the messages that require a response from your brand.

Key features and advantages include:

  • Sentiment analysis in 109 languages.
  • Highlight and auto-hide unwanted and harmful comments using AI (spam, offensive, inappropriate, and against brand).
  • Unified smart inbox that leverages Intent Recognition (AI) to help you easily identify which comments need your response.
  • Unlimited number of users so you can get your whole team on the platform.
  • Platform coverage: paid and organic Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

Use cases for BrandBastion Lite are ideal for enterprises, agencies, and disruptors looking to improve their social media engagement, brand reputation, team collaboration, and strategic insights.

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