Tempus is a digital health company that uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized healthcare solutions. They have built the world’s largest library of clinical and molecular data, starting with cancer.

Main Features:

  • AI Clinical Assistant: Tempus One, an AI-enabled clinical assistant, is available for all providers. It leverages advancements in generative AI to provide clinicians access to patient insights directly at their fingertips.
  • Genomic Profiling: Tempus offers genomic profiling and algorithmic tests to help physicians make more informed treatment decisions.
  • Clinical Trial Matching: The platform allows for fast, up-to-date clinical trials search using specific criteria.
  • Digital Pathology: Tempus provides digital pathology services, including Tempus Pixel for therapy response evaluation and specific disease areas like lung, breast, neuro, and cardio.
  • Sequencing and Data Collaborations: Tempus offers sequencing services and promotes data collaborations for better drug development.
  • Clinical Research Services: Tempus provides services for clinical trial enrollment and has a platform called Tempus PRO™ for neurology and psychiatry.
  • EHR Integration: Tempus supports EHR integration for seamless data access and management.
  • Publications: Tempus regularly publishes research, webinars, and other resources to stay informed about the latest developments in personalized healthcare.
  • Use Cases:

  • Providers: Tempus helps physicians make more informed treatment decisions.
  • Life Sciences: Tempus assists pharmaceutical and biotech companies with better drug development.
  • Patients: Tempus helps patients find their own unique and optimal therapy options.
  • Notable Achievements:

  • Tempus’ xT Platform increases cancer patients’ personalized therapeutic opportunities.
  • FDA granted Tempus Breakthrough Device Designation for its HLA-LOH assay as a companion diagnostic (CDx) test.
  • Tempus launched a standalone RNA next-generation sequencing assay, Tempus xR.
  • Tempus has partnerships with 90% of the top 20 pharma oncology companies and over 200 biopharma partnerships.
  • More than 50% of all Academic Medical Centers and oncologists in the US are connected to Tempus.
  • Tempus has over 6,000,000+ de-identified research records and has identified over 24,000+ patients for potential enrollment into clinical trials in their network.
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