DrugCard is your trusted partner in local literature screening for the pharmaceutical industry. This cutting-edge AI tool is tailored to streamline drug safety routines, ensuring compliance with regulatory demands while providing transparency and traceability.

Key Features and Capabilities:

Continuous Screening: Stay up-to-date with the latest local literature in your pharmaceutical markets with regular, automated screening.

Transparency: Track and monitor the screening process for accuracy, completeness, and holistic coverage.

Scalability: Expand your pharmaceutical operations globally with DrugCard’s support for new markets, multiple languages, and suppliers.

Cost-Effective: Achieve cost savings by avoiding heavy capital investments, making DrugCard an efficient choice for pharma companies.

Global Coverage: Access medical journals from over 35 countries in more than 100 languages, ensuring comprehensive screening.

User-Friendly: Tailored for various pharmaceutical users, including Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs), and freelancers.

User Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Manage more projects and improve screening results with DrugCard, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Risk Mitigation: Perform in-house screening to mitigate compliance and reputation risks for MAHs.
  • Cost Savings: Freelancers can optimize their time by automating literature screening and focusing on value-added tasks.
  • Global Expansion: Easily expand pharmaceutical operations into new markets with DrugCard’s scalability and global coverage.
  • Reliability: Trust in DrugCard’s high accuracy rate for scanned PDF screening.
  • Summary:

    DrugCard is the go-to solution for local literature screening in the pharmaceutical industry. Offering continuous screening, transparency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, it empowers pharmaceutical companies, CROs, MAHs, and freelancers to streamline drug safety processes, meet regulatory requirements, and ensure compliance with confidence.

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