OpalAi is a powerful tool that enables users to scan large environments using LiDAR cameras and quickly create accurate 2D floor plans, BIM models, and 3D visualizations. With its AI-enabled algorithm and user-friendly app, OpalAi simplifies the process of capturing and visualizing spatial data.

Key Features:

  • LiDAR Scanning: OpalAi utilizes LiDAR cameras to scan large environments and capture accurate data for creating floor plans and 3D visualizations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app offers a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to easily navigate through the scanning and editing process.
  • Texture and Color Customization: Users can add textures and colors directly within the app, enhancing the visual representation of the scanned environment.
  • On-Device Editing and Measuring: OpalAi enables users to edit and measure the scanned data directly on their device, providing real-time feedback and adjustments.
  • Multiple Sharing Formats: Users can easily share the created floor plans and visualizations in various formats to meet their specific needs.
  • AI-Enabled Accuracy: OpalAi incorporates AI algorithms to ensure high accuracy, with minimal margin of error in measurements.
  • Use Cases:

  • Real estate professionals who need to create accurate floor plans and 3D visualizations for property listings and marketing purposes.
  • Construction companies seeking efficient and accurate scanning solutions for project planning and documentation.
  • Remodeling and interior design professionals looking to capture precise measurements and create visual representations of existing spaces.
  • Architects and engineers requiring accurate 2D floor plans and BIM models for design and construction projects.
  • OpalAi is a powerful tool that empowers users to scan large environments with LiDAR cameras and create accurate 2D floor plans, BIM models, and 3D visualizations.

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