Riverside: High-Quality Audio and Video Recordings


Riverside is revolutionizing the world of remote audio and video production. The platform offers a plethora of features that make it an ideal choice for podcasters, marketers, and producers alike. Its robust capabilities, from high-quality recording to AI-powered transcriptions and editing, make it stand out in the congested market of online recording tools.

An Overview of Riverside

Is a web-based platform that facilitates the recording of high-quality audio and video content. It’s more than just a recording tool; it’s an all-in-one studio that offers various features to enhance the quality of your recordings and streamline your production process.


Riverside offers an easy way to record separate audio and video tracks. This feature allows users to have more control over their recordings as they can manipulate each track individually during the post-production phase.


The platform also provides a suite of editing tools powered by AI. These tools make the editing process fast and easy, thereby enabling users to focus more on creating content rather than struggling with complicated editing software.


One of the standout features of Riverside is its AI-powered transcription service. The platform can accurately transcribe your recordings in over 100 languages. This feature is particularly beneficial for creating subtitles or transcribing podcast episodes.

Magic Clips

Riverside also introduces a feature called Magic Clips. This tool allows users to create bite-sized, shareable social clips using AI. These clips can be a game-changer for your content marketing strategy, as they can easily be shared on social media platforms, thereby increasing your content’s reach.

Unique Features

Main Features Of Riverside

Riverside sets itself apart with a range of unique features designed to enhance the user experience and the quality of the recordings.

Magic Audio

Magic Audio is a feature that enhances audio quality with just a single click. This tool can elevate your audio tracks to studio-level quality, thereby providing your audience with an immersive listening experience.

Mobile as Webcam

Riverside also allows users to turn their smartphones and their guests’ phones into high-resolution webcams. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who don’t own professional recording equipment.


Riverside allows users to add stylish captions to their content. This feature makes the content more accessible and easier to understand, especially for viewers who might have hearing impairments or those who prefer watching videos without audio.

AI Show Notes

The platform also offers AI-generated show notes. This feature provides content summaries, takeaways, and chapters, making it easier for your audience to navigate through your content.


With Riverside’s teleprompter feature, you can have everything you want to say or talk about ready to roll. This tool can be particularly beneficial for scripted content like news broadcasts or instructional videos.

Media Board

Riverside’s media board allows users to upload sound and media snippets that they can use while recording. This feature can be handy for podcasters who frequently use sound effects or jingles in their episodes.

Async Recording

Riverside also offers a feature called Async Recording, which lets guests join your studio and record without you. This feature can be particularly beneficial when coordinating with guests in different time zones.

Riverside Remote Record

Riverside Apps

Riverside offers mobile apps that allow you to record high-quality audio and video from anywhere with just your phone. The platform also provides a Mac App that transforms your Mac into a disturbance-free studio. So, whether you’re recording in a professional studio or on-the-go, Riverside has got you covered.

Riverside for Podcasters

Riverside enables podcasters to record studio-quality podcasts remotely. The platform offers a suite of tools that simplifies the podcast production process, from recording to editing and publishing.

Riverside for Producers

The platform allows producers to control session settings for guests and hosts. With Riverside, producers can ensure that all recordings are of the highest quality, regardless of the guests’ technical abilities or recording environments.

Riverside for Marketers

Riverside also caters to the needs of marketers. The platform enables marketers to create shareable branded video and audio content that can help in enhancing their brand visibility and engagement.

Riverside Use Cases

Can be used in a variety of scenarios. Here are some use cases where Riverside can be a game-changer:

  1. Podcasts: Riverside offers a suite of tools designed specifically for podcasters. From high-quality audio recording to AI-powered transcriptions, Riverside has everything a podcaster needs.
  2. Learning & Development: Riverside can be an effective tool for creating educational content. Its high-quality video and audio recording capabilities make it ideal for recording lectures or tutorials.
  3. Internal Communications: Companies can use Riverside to record high-quality videos for internal communication purposes. These can include training videos, corporate announcements, or virtual meetings.
  4. Webinars: Riverside’s high-quality video recording and live streaming features make it an excellent tool for hosting webinars.
  5. Customer Testimonials: Businesses can use Riverside to record customer testimonials. The platform’s high-quality video recording and editing tools can help create compelling testimonials that can boost a company’s credibility.


Plan Riverside

Riverside offers different pricing plans to cater to various user needs. Here’s a brief overview of the pricing options:

  • Free: The Free plan offers 2 hours of multi-track recordings, a full suite of editing tools, up to 720p video quality, and a Riverside watermark on all your content.
  • Standard: Priced at $15 per month, the Standard plan offers 5 hours of multi-track recordings, up to 4K video quality, no watermark, screen sharing, and live streaming to social media.
  • Pro: The Pro plan costs $24 per month and offers 15 hours of multi-track recordings, AI Transcriptions, AI-generated Show Notes, Teleprompter, live chat support, and the ability to accept live call-ins.
  • Business: The Business plan offers unlimited multi-track recording, unlimited productions, collaboration with your team, advanced editing capabilities, unlimited live streaming to any destination, Producer mode, fancy camera controls, Async Recording, Teleprompter for host and guest, Priority support, customized onboarding & Dedicated Customer Success Manager, SSO (Okta, Azure, more), and SOC2 type II & ISO27001 certified. The pricing for this plan is custom and can be requested by contacting sales.


In a world where remote recording is becoming the norm, Riverside is a pivotal tool that can help creators produce high-quality content. Whether you’re a podcaster, a marketer, or a producer, Riverside has the tools and features to make your recording and editing process smooth and efficient.

Riverside’s commitment to delivering high-quality audio and video recordings, coupled with its powerful editing tools and AI-powered features, makes it a leading choice in the market. Regardless of your recording needs, Riverside has a solution to offer. Start creating with Riverside today and take your content creation process to the next level.

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