BgRem is an AI-powered platform for creating and editing images and videos. It offers various features, including background removal, interior redesign, photo into painting, erase & replace, and AI illustration.

Main Features of BgRem

Main feature
  • AI Image Tools: Transform ordinary images into stunning works of art.
  • Video Background Remover: Automatically remove the background from videos.
  • Interior Redesign: Get quick interior design ideas by uploading a room photo.
  • Photo into Painting: Turn photos into painting-like artworks.
  • Erase & Replace: Easily remove or replace objects in images.
  • AI Illustration: Generate high-quality illustrations based on user input.

Many plan for user to choose provided by

Subscription Plans

  • 100 credits/month: $4.99
  • 200 credits/month: $8.99
  • 400 credits/month: $15.99
  • 1000 credits/month: $34.99
  • 2000 credits/month: $58.99
  • Unused credits roll over to the next period for up to 5 months, and subscribers can upgrade or cancel anytime.


  • 50 credits: $4.99
  • 100 credits: $8.99
  • 200 credits: $15.99
  • 500 credits: $34.99
  • 1000 credits: $58.99
  • Custom plan: Contact for pricing
  • Pay-as-you-go credits offer flexibility and do not expire.


BgRem is a powerful AI-powered platform for creating and editing images and videos. It offers advanced AI algorithms, an intuitive interface, and a range of tools to enhance digital media content. Users looking for alternatives may explore other video editing tools available in the market to find the best fit for their needs.

For detailed pricing and additional information, visit the official website of BgRem.

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