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OpenArt AI is an artificial intelligence-based image generation platform that leverages Stable Diffusion AI to offer a unique approach to image creation, manipulation, and editing. It provides a diverse range of options for accelerating design processes, including prompt templates and playbooks for prompt engineering, catering to both seasoned artists and newcomers exploring the world of AI-generated art.

OpenArt’s Main Features

  1. Sketch to Image: Transform sketches into detailed and realistic images based on initial sketches, providing a solid foundation for artists to work from.
  2. Image to Video/Animation: Convert static images into captivating videos and animations, offering a seamless and intuitive solution for dynamic visual experiences.
  3. Creative Variations: Effortlessly explore hundreds of versions of original images, expanding the boundaries of creative exploration.
  4. Anime Character: Craft distinctive anime-style characters by providing a reference image or description, revolutionizing the creative process for artists and writers within the anime realm.
  5. Image Blender: Seamlessly blend multiple images together, creating visually stunning and harmonious compositions.
  6. AI Sticker Generator: Transform images into unique and personalized stickers for various platforms, streamlining the creation process.
  7. Stock Image Transformer: Add artistic touch to stock photos, giving them a unique and personalized look, offering endless possibilities for customization.
  8. Custom People Stock Photos: Generate custom stock photos featuring people, useful for marketers and designers needing high-quality stock photos.
  9. Remove Background: Effortlessly remove backgrounds from images, saving valuable time and effort for various projects.
  10. Artistic AI QR Code Generator: Customize the appearance of QR codes for branding and design strategies, creating visually engaging QR codes.
  11. Community Flow Apps: Foster a vibrant and collaborative community through shared creations, collaboration, and feedback among users.
  12. AI Models: Offer a diverse range of AI models continuously evolving and improving for cutting-edge technology.
  13. Creative Inspiration Explorer: Explore a vast collection of creative works generated by the community, gaining fresh insights and discovering new techniques.
  14. Prompt Book and Prompt Template: Curated collection of prompts and the ability to create custom prompt templates for tailored creative processes.
  15. Discord Server: Hub for collaboration, discussion, and support, providing a platform for meaningful conversations about AI-generated art.
OpenArt Model By Community
OpenArt Model By Community

Annual Pricing Plans of OpenArt

  • Free Plan: $0
    • One-time 50 trial credits
    • Up to 4 parallel generations
    • Limited to 100 generations on 4 basic models daily
  • Starter Plan: $72/year ($6/month, billed annually)
    • 5,000 credits per month
    • Up to 8 parallel generations
    • Access to 20+ public models and all community models
  • Hobbyist Plan: $144/year ($12/month, billed annually)
    • 15,000 credits per month
    • Up to 16 parallel generations
    • Access to NSFW prompt (except fine-tuned models)
  • Pro Plan: $336/year ($28/month, billed annually)
    • Unlimited credits per month
    • Up to 32 parallel generations
    • Faster generation speed

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