Rokoko Video

Rokoko Video

Rokoko Video is a powerful AI motion capture tool that brings the world of animation to life for animators and creators. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional working in a studio, Rokoko Video provides a user-friendly and accessible solution for capturing realistic movements and turning them into animation.

Key Features:

AI Motion Capture: Capture realistic movements using pre-recorded videos or webcam recordings.

Rokoko Studio: Process and refine motion capture data with powerful editing tools and filters.

Export Compatibility: Export animation data in .fbx or .bvh formats for seamless integration into major 3D software.

Beginner-Friendly Interface: Accessible and intuitive tool for animators of all levels.

Use Cases:

  • Create realistic animations for characters and creatures.
  • Enhance motion capture data with editing and filtering tools.
  • Export animations for use in popular 3D software applications.
  • Bring your creative ideas to life with accessible AI motion capture technology.
  • Rokoko Video revolutionizes the animation process by providing a free and accessible AI motion capture tool.

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