Fliki User Guide: Step-by-Step for Beginner


In today’s digital landscape, Fliki emerges as a standout text-to-video and text-to-speech platform, catering to a myriad of needs from content creation to education. Affordable and efficient, Fliki allows us to convert our raw texts into captivating videos complete with lifelike AI voiceovers—streamlining the creative process to be as straightforward as composing an email. With this innovative technology, we can transform a range of media—from blog posts to tweets—into engaging visual content that resonates with our audience.

As we embark on utilizing Fliki, what awaits us is not just a Fliki user guide, but a journey of mastering how to use it correctly to leverage its full potential. Our guide will take you through the seamless process of creating your first AI-powered video and enriching it with dynamic AI avatars and art, offering strategic insight into utilizing Fliki for educational endeavors and marketing masterpieces.

Getting Started with Fliki

First let us introduce about the first step of Fliki User Guide we will guide you how to get started with Fliki and unlock the potential of AI-powered video creation, follow these initial steps:

1. Sign-Up Process:

  • Visit the Fliki website at https://fliki.ai/.
  • Click on the sign-up option to create a new account.
  • Provide necessary details such as your name, a valid email address, and create a secure password.
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation message and verify your account by clicking the provided link.

2. Understanding Fliki’s Offerings:

  • Fliki is a versatile platform, suitable for various use cases including content creation, marketing, education, and more.
  • The software supports over 75 languages and more than 100 dialects/accents, catering to a global audience.
  • Explore the extensive voice library with over 2000 options, including male, female, and child voices, to find the perfect match for your content.

3. Choosing the Right Plan:

  • Free Tier: Start with the free plan, which includes 5 minutes of audio/video content per month at 720p resolution—ideal for testing out the features.
  • Paid Subscriptions:
    • Basic Plan: For $9.99/month, access 120 minutes of content, 900 voices, and a commercial license.
    • Standard Plan: At $49.99/month, enjoy 180 minutes, full HD videos, and a vast library of premium images and music assets.
    • Premium Plan: For extensive use, the $99.99/month plan offers 600 minutes, voice cloning, API access, and more.

4. Creating Your First Project:

  • Once signed in, click “New File” to start a fresh project.
  • Enter a file name, select the language, and choose between an audio-only or video file format.
  • If you’re interested in AI avatars and advanced features, consider upgrading to a premium account.

5. Exploring Additional Resources:

  • Utilize Fliki’s Knowledge Base and Tutorials for guidance.
  • Stay informed with the “What’s New” section and FAQs.
  • For further assistance, connect with Fliki via their social media channels or the Community forum.

By following these steps, we can dive into the world of AI video creation with Fliki, harnessing the platform’s capabilities to produce content that captivates and communicates effectively. Whether we’re looking to convert blogs into dynamic videos or localize content for different markets, Fliki’s user-friendly interface and robust features make it an indispensable tool for creators and marketers alike.

Fliki User Guide: Creating Your First AI-Powered Video

Creating your first AI-powered video with Fliki is a straightforward process that allows you to bring your ideas to life. Fliki User Guide, here’s how we can do it:

Step-by-Step Process for Video Creation

1.Input Text and Select Voice:

  • We start by clicking on the “New File” button and naming our file.
  • Choose the language and dialect that best suits our audience.
  • In the text box provided, we input the text that we want to convert into a video.
  • We then select a voice for the audio from Fliki’s extensive voice library that aligns with our content’s tone.

2. Customize Visuals and Audio:

  • To add visuals, we click “Change Image or Video” to select from Fliki’s stock library or upload our own media.
  • We can let Fliki’s AI automatically pick images or videos related to the script by clicking the Auto pick button.
  • For background audio, we either search Fliki’s library or upload our own music, adjusting volume and speed to our preference.

3. Finalize and Export:

  • Once the voice and visuals are in place, we adjust the video output settings, including aspect ratio and subtitle customization.
  • We preview our video by clicking the play icon to ensure everything is as per our expectations.
  • After final tweaks, we click “Download” then “Start Export” to process and download our video in MP4 format.

Additional Features for Enhanced Videos

  • AI Avatars and Art:
    • We can add AI avatars by selecting from stock options or creating a personalized talking avatar.
    • For a unique touch, we choose AI-generated images in styles like 3D model, digital art, or cinematic for each scene.
  • Layers and Scenes:
    • Our video is comprised of scenes, each representing a distinct portion of our content.
    • We add layers such as voiceover, layout, and text, customizing each to fit the scene perfectly.

      By following these steps and making use of Fliki’s robust features, we can produce professional-looking educational and marketing videos that are not only engaging but also convey our message effectively. With the ability to transform complex concepts into easily understandable explainer videos, Fliki serves as an invaluable tool for educators and content creators alike.

Enhancing Your Videos with AI Avatars and Art

In this section of Fliki User Guide we will guide you how to enhance our videos with AI Avatars and Art using Fliki:

Ai Avatar
Ai Avatar

How to use it correctly – AI Avatars:

  • Choosing Your Avatar:
    • Fliki provides a selection of stock avatars, or we can upload an image to create a custom avatar.
    • For a personalized touch, we can generate a custom avatar using a simple text prompt.
  • Customizing Your Avatar:
    • Once we have selected our avatar, we can customize its appearance. This includes:
      • Adjusting the avatar’s position and size on the screen.
      • Changing the background color to match our video theme.
      • Setting the transparency to blend the avatar with other visual elements.
      • Choosing an animation style to bring the avatar to life.
  • Generating AI Avatar Videos:
    • It costs 0.25 credits per second to generate AI Avatar videos.
    • We should finalize all customizations before generating the video to conserve credits.

AI Art:

  • Step 1 – Open Media Selection Popup:
    • For the desired scene, click on the media icon in the layout layer to open the media selection popup.
  • Step 2 – Write the Core Prompt:
    • In the popup, type in a detailed Core Prompt, considering aspects like setting, pose, background, and artistic style.
  • Step 3 – Choose a Style:
    • Select a style from the list to give direction to the art’s appearance.
  • Step 4 – Generate AI Art:
    • Hit the arrow button to generate the AI art, and keep regenerating until we find the perfect match for our video.

      By incorporating AI avatars and art, we can significantly enhance the visual appeal and engagement of our videos. The avatars can capture the audience’s attention with their lifelike presence, while the AI-generated art adds a unique and creative flair that sets our content apart. With over 2,000 human-sounding voices available in more than 75 languages, Fliki also allows us to personalize the AI voice to further tailor our videos to our audience.

      For those looking to access a broader range of premium media and AI art, upgrading to the standard plan on Fliki is a beneficial move. It opens up a library of high-quality media assets that can be used to generate AI photos and enhance our videos even further. Whether we’re novices or experienced editors, these tools empower us to create captivating videos that resonate with viewers.

How to use it correctly – Converting Blogs and Tweets into Videos

Blog to Video

In this section of Fliki User Guide we will guide you how to convert a blog post into a video with Fliki:

  1. Blog to Video Conversion:
    • Navigate to the “Files” option on the top panel and click on “New File”.
    • Select the appropriate language, dialect, and aspect ratio for your video.
    • Under “Start With”, choose “Blog” and then click “Submit”.
  2. Customizing Your Video:
    • Paste the link to your blog article in the provided field.
    • Decide the length of your video—whether it’s a quick summary or a detailed exploration.
    • Opt for either premium stock media or unique AI art for each scene, enhancing the visual storytelling.
    • Add other dynamic elements such as an AI avatar, sound effects, headings, and stickers to make your content stand out.
  3. Finalizing the Video:
    • Fliki will automatically select relevant media, add voiceovers, subtitles, and background music to align with your content.
    • Customize further by uploading your images, videos, and branding elements to maintain consistency with your brand identity.

Tweet to video

To transform a tweet into a captivating video, here’s what we d

  1. Tweet to Video Conversion:
    • Copy the URL of the tweet you wish to convert.
    • Click on “import” and select “tweet to video”.
    • Paste the tweet link into the input field and submit.
  2. Personalizing Your Tweet Video:
    • Choose a voice that matches the tone of the tweet from Fliki’s extensive voice library.
    • Select video clips or images that complement the tweet’s message.
    • Customize subtitles and cards to enhance the video’s informative value.
    • Add background music to set the right tone for your audience.

      Fliki’s diverse range of content generation tools, from blog post generation to social media captions and product descriptions, make it a versatile platform for various content creation needs. With the Idea to Video feature, we can describe an idea in a few words and create rich visual and voiceover videos in under a minute. For an in-depth understanding of Fliki’s capabilities, we can refer to the detailed review available through the I button on a specific YouTube video. This feature, along with the blog post to video, presentation to video, and tweets to video conversion, underscores Fliki’s strength as a comprehensive tool for transforming ideas into engaging videos.

How to use it correctly – Utilizing Fliki for Educational and Marketing Content

Fliki stands as a versatile tool in our content creation arsenal, particularly for educational and marketing content. Here’s how we can harness its features to enhance our efforts:

For Educational Content:

Ai Education
Ai Education
  • Podcasts and Audiobooks: We can turn educational material into podcasts or audiobooks with ease. Starting with the creation of a new file, we select the audio format, input our text, and choose a suitable AI voice. After customizing the audio settings, we can either host the content directly on Fliki or download it for distribution on other platforms.
  • Language and Translation: Fliki’s support for over 75 languages and various dialects means we can create localized educational content that caters to a global audience. This feature is particularly useful for e-learning platforms seeking to reach a diverse user base.
  • Customization Options: With Fliki, we have the freedom to customize text styles and import personal audio files, allowing us to maintain the educational brand’s consistency and authenticity across all content.

For Marketing Content:

AI Marketing
AI Marketing
  • Brand Consistency: We can tailor the appearance of our marketing videos to align with our brand’s visual identity. Fliki enables us to customize text styles and import our own voiceovers or soundtracks, ensuring that every video we create is an extension of our brand.
  • Content Versatility: Whether we are creating short promotional clips or in-depth product demonstrations, Fliki’s flexibility in video formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV, means we can produce a wide range of marketing materials to meet various campaign objectives.
  • Engagement through AI Avatars: By incorporating AI avatars into our videos, we can add a personal touch that resonates with viewers, making our marketing content more engaging and relatable.

    General Features Beneficial for Both Educational and Marketing Content:
  • Video Length Flexibility: Fliki doesn’t restrict us on video length, so we can create content that’s just the right duration, from quick tips to comprehensive tutorials or product overviews.
  • Content Conversion: We can transform existing blogs or tweets into video content, making it easier to repurpose and distribute our messages across different channels.
  • Accessibility: With a free tier available, Fliki is accessible even to solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, while the paid subscription unlocks advanced capabilities for larger-scale operations.

    By leveraging these features, we join over 4,000,000 satisfied users who utilize Fliki for content creation, evidenced by an impressive satisfaction rating. Whether for educational purposes or marketing strategies, Fliki provides us with an AI-driven platform that’s not only highly rated but also rich in features that cater to a multitude of content creation needs.

Conclusion of Fliki User Guide

video generator

Fliki has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of content creation, offering a seamless and accessible way to transform text into rich videos. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the robust features and intuitive design of the platform that simplify the conversion of blogs, tweets, and more into engaging visual content. It empowers users to vividly narrate their stories using AI voices and art, effectively enhancing the educational and marketing experience.

Recognizing the potential of Fliki to bring ideas to life with captivating AI voices, one must appreciate its capability to reach global audiences with multilingual support, fostering a connection that transcends linguistic barriers. For those inspired to take their content to the next level, explore the possibilities and start creating with Fliki here. Let’s embrace the future of digital storytelling, where our creativity is limited only by our imagination.

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