(1379), an innovative online video editing platform, is making waves with its AI-powered features that offer a seamless and efficient video creation process. From an intuitive video editor to a comprehensive suite of AI tools, provides a range of capabilities for content creators.

Main Features

  • Video Editor: Create and edit videos with a single click, add subtitles, remove background noise, and more.
  • Screen Recorder: Easily record and edit screen & webcam recordings for tutorials, video calls, and webinars.
  • Subtitles and Transcription: Automatically add subtitles to videos with accurate transcriptions in seconds.
  • AI Tools: Range of AI tools including AI Avatars, AI Image Generator, AI Video, and AI Voice Generator.
  • Additional Tools: Video Trimmer, Video Merger, Video Compressor, and more.
image 33 for Various Use Cases

  • Subtitles: Automatically add subtitles to make content more accessible and enhance viewer engagement.
  • Translations: Reach global audiences with AI-powered translations.
  • Marketing & Social Media: Create captivating videos for audience growth, engagement, and brand boosting.
  • Training & e-Learning: Ideal for creating professional training videos quickly and easily.
  • Sales Videos: Record compelling videos to close more deals.


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  • Free: $0, essential editing, 2GB storage, subtitles 30 min/month, 1GB upload limit
  • Basic: $12/user/month, billed $144 annually, remove watermark, subtitles 720 min/yr, full HD 1080p exports
  • Pro: $24/user/month, billed $288 annually, subtitles 1,440 min/yr, clean audio, AI features
  • Business: $59/user/month, billed $708 annually, AI avatars, subtitles 8,000 min/yr, 4k export quality

Whether it’s creating professional demos, adding subtitles with a single click, or enhancing videos with auto-generated subtitles and soundwaves,’s range of features empowers users to create high-quality video content with ease. The platform’s AI tools enable users to edit videos, create stunning visuals, and even convert text into compelling videos, making it a versatile and powerful tool for content creators.’s commitment to providing an extensive range of video editing tools is evident in its offerings, from AI avatars to video compression and audio editing. The platform’s focus on user-friendly features and AI-powered capabilities makes it a game-changer in the realm of content creation.

For those looking for a comprehensive online video editing solution,’s intuitive interface, AI-powered tools, and customizable video templates offer a compelling option to elevate their content creation endeavors.

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